Chevy Autobots

Chevy Autobots are the most vivid characters of the Transformers sequel's second episode. GM borrowed 5 Chevy models during filming to add realism to the battle scenes and keep the watchers breathless. "Chevrolet is thrilled to again be part of one of the most anticipated movies in years," said Ed Peper, GM North America vice president, Chevrolet. "'Transformers' gives us a great opportunity to connect with young people on their terms, with a dynamic, environmentally friendly image. Autobots often turn into civilian vehicles, that's why Chevy brand suits best for being a prototype of the heroic crew. The team consists of: Chevy Volt (Jolt), Chevy Stingray Concept (Sideswipe), Chevy Trax (Mudflap), Chevy Beat (Skidz) and the main hero Chevy Camaro (Bumblebee). While Chevy Autobots have usually found themselves outnumbered by the Decepticons, they still have always had home-field advantage, having not only the human's military support, but also having more places on Earth to fall back on, while the Decepticons are entirely unwelcome on Earth.

Chevy Autobots

Jolt is an Autobot described as a troublemaker and a bit of a snob but loves to battle Decepticons. He seems to have fondness of Earth's nature and a habit of saving energy explaining why he chose an eco-friendly car as a disguise. Jolt is a new Autobot character that appears in the production form of the 2011 Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle. The only visible differences between the production Volt and the Chicago Show Transformers film model, seem to be limited to the silver-colored exterior mirrors and the trim surrounding the lower part of the windows. Prototypes of the electric Volt are starting to turn up, and it looks like we could see a 2011 release. By the time it's available, though, hype generated from the movie will be long gone.

Chevy Volt - Jolt

In the movie the Stingray will be called Sideswipe and is a good guy, but it looks like a Decepticon to us. Focusing on his enemies with absolute attention, his blades are a shining blur as he leaps through the air, twisting to avoid enemy fire. Converting to his vehicle (Chevy Stingray) to drive at blazing speed, he uses every trick in the book to get close to his opponent, and put his powerful swords to work. Not that that�s a bad thing, it's just a bit too wild for a real car. GM also says this is a design study and not to get your hopes up for this to pack a ZR-1 engine under the hood anytime soon. The concept also brings back the split rear window. Because of visibility concerns, it's unlikely a split rear window would ever make it to production, but it's probably the one element that screams "Stingray" from this concept.

Chevy Corvette - Sideswipe

Many of the pics featured the "Twins" which are two new unique additions to the Autobot cast taking the vehicle forms of the Chevy Beat and Chevy Trax concept designs. For starters, the twin bots disguised as compact Chevys, constantly argue and and spew rap derived street slang. The Twins are two Autobots that transform into the Chevy Beat and Chevy Trax concept cars by themselves. Together they act like brothers and can apparently also combine into one alternate form vehicle, although we probably won't see that until during the movie sometime. The inseparable pair spends more time fighting with each other than paying attention to anything going on around them. They like to think they're hard core, but when their guard drops, it turns out they're basically a couple of robot rednecks.

Chevy Beet - Skids and Chevy Trax - Mudflap

Bumblebee is the heroic autobot based on Chevrolet's Camaro concept from the first "Transformers" movie, returns with a high-performance attitude. Camaro into which he transforms has been spiffed up for the sequel with a new front bumper, chin spoiler, hood scoop and different wheels. Whereas the first Bumblebee was based on the Camaro Concept, it appears that the new one is based on the actual production car. From afar the Bumblebee Camaro is simply gorgeous; the shape that mesmerized on the show stands looks even better in sunlight. Up close, this movie prop is even more impressive, despite plenty of fakery including plastic door handles that are supposed to look like metal and plexiglass side windows that don't roll down. This isn't some cheap splash of fiberglass done up by amateurs, but rather Corvette-quality resin and mat. Every piece of the body is perfectly formed, the panels fit to each other with precision and the paint is thick and luminous.

Chevy Camaro - Bumblebee