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Corvette Sideswipe Accessories After being spied numerous time on set, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen star ‘Sideswipe' makes his official debut at the Chigago Auto Show as the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept. Stylistically inspired by the original Corvette Stingray race car, introduced in 1959, the Autobot concept also draws on Corvette heritage cues from other generation models to create a shape that we wouldn't mind seeing influencing the next Vette.

It just seemed weird, considering GM's level of involvement in Transformers, for them not to have a Corvette in the movie. Now, here it is. It's not the next Corvette, but it is what we wish the next Corvette would look like — it's the Stingray Corvette Concept, and it'll play the character of Sideswipe. Frankly, it was gorgeous when we first saw it at GM's design center and it's even more gorgeous now.

"SIDESWIPE represents an exercise in exploration for the Corvette," said Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global Design. "By giving my creative team the freedom to design no-holds-barred vision concepts, it helps them push boundaries and look at projects from different perspectives."

Various images of the car leaked from the set of Transformers 2 onto the Web in 2008. In September, we asked former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz if the vehicles was meant to preview an eventual production car. “I would say that is in the realm of pure concept,” he said. “At this point, there's zero intention to produce.” It's not known if anything has changed since that interview.

That said, Mr. Lutz also told us the new Camaro began as a "pure concept" without production ambitions, so it's possible this Corvette has some kind of future. For now, though, the show car's purpose in life is to celebrate 100 years of motoring history at GM, and of course, fight evil as “Sideswipe” in Revenge of the Fallen. As always, reception will be an important factor in production consideration.

In robot mode, the Corvette Stingray Concept will take the form of Sideswipe, who will reportedly be a skater with wheels for feet. The General doesn't have anything in the way of new product to show off here in Chicago, so it's using the blockbuster movie to drum up interest instead. The Corvette Stingray Concept was developed as an internal design challenge to combine classic Corvette cues with surprisingly high-tech , modern materials, and a striking new appearance. The car is well-appointed with a clamshell hood, scissor-style doors, ergonomic seats, rear-view camera with night vision enhancement, and a high performance hybrid drive. Interactive touch controls allow the driver to customize the power and efficiency of his or her ride and share it with friends via the in-car camera system and advanced telemetrics.

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